In-Person Classes

Chakra Medicine

Learn all about your 7 major chakras along with celestial and planetary chakras. We’ll explore how to keep your energy centers healthy with various meditation techniques, food and nutrition, music and creativity, archangels and ascended masters, and so much more.

Energy Healing

This class is an introduction to the art of energy healing. In this course, you will practice how to feel your own energy and discern your “stuff” from others. This class is great for beginners and empathic individuals who seek understanding on how to create healthy energy boundaries.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation has been around for centuries. People have used symbols and metaphors as a guide or decoder for their life for some time now. You too will learn how to interpret symbols, colors and metaphors to help yourself and others understand the messages our dreams are offering.

Reiki Practitioner Training

This class is for those who are ready to make Reiki a part of their life or practice. If you’re ready to help others through this amazing energy healing modality, we’re ready to teach you! We offer Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 classes in our metro Atlanta office. It’s time to radically change your life with Reiki energy!

Crystal Healing

Crystal gemstones carry natural healing energy that can help us live a balanced life. We’ll teach you about some of the most common and powerful gemstones and how you can use them to balance and clear your energy centers. If you’re a spiritual practitioner, you can also use these techniques to help your clients benefit from crystal healing.

Angel Practitioner Training

Are you ready to work with the archangels and your guardian angels in order to provide spiritual guidance and coaching to your clients? Here’s a chance to learn all about these beautiful beings. Connect with them through various techniques and tools in order to provide consultations for yourself and others.

Life Coach Training

Radically transform your practice and your clients’ life with our life coach training course. This certificate of completion course will teach you practical skills and techniques that have the potential to make a difference in the way your clients see themselves and others. Help them set goals, implement action plans and see their life and situations differently.

Marketing Your Holistic Business

Have you tried everything to get your holistic business off the ground, but you’re still having trouble getting people through the door? Not sure where to begin marketing or where you’ll see the biggest bang for your buck? This class will give you practical tips on how to get started on your marketing and finally get the exposure you deserve.

Space Clearings and Blessings

Space clearing is one of the most sought after services in the holistic field. We’ll teach you all about how to clear negative and unwanted energy out of homes and business offices. You’ll learn about various tools used to perform these clearings and which archangels and ascended masters to call on for protection and support. At the end of this course you will receive a certificate of completion.

Meditation 101

Is your mind on overdrive throughout the day? Do you have a hard time focusing or relaxing? Do you just want to learn how to meditate to improve your mental health or quality of life? Meditation is for you. Let’s review various forms of meditation and discover which one is best for you. Through practice and understanding, you’ll leave this class understanding how to continue meditating on your own.

Intuitive Development

Do you consider yourself highly sensitive, empathic or intuitive? Have you seen things you couldn’t explain through logic and seek further understanding of how you can further develop these gifts in a safe and practical way? Intuitive development is for you. We’ll teach you all about the “clairs” and how to develop them along with divination tools, ethics and protection techniques and so much more.

Scripting For Life

Scripting is an art form that involves writing. When done correctly, it can help manifest your dreams into your physical reality. We’ll teach you all about how to script your life and break down barriers in order to welcome your dreams!

Understanding Intuitive Children

This class is one of our most requested courses. This class is specifically for parents or guardians of intuitive children. Understand how to work with your child through the challenges they face socially and internally. You’ll also discover how to best help them safely develop their gifts so they control it and it doesn’t control them.

Intuitive Card Readings

Love the beautiful images on your latest card deck, but you have no clue what the card actually means? This class is for you! We’ll review how to intuitively understand divination cards. Not from a book, but from the soul. We’ll explore colors, symbols, shapes and uncover how to interpret these cards through your internal compass.

Angel Communication 101

This class is for beginner students who are not familiar with archangels and guardian angels. We’ll explain the purpose and gifts that each of these beings have to offer us and how to recognize their signs and communicate with them on a daily basis. Learn to integrate the beautiful energy of the angels into your life!

The Art of Manifesting

Make your dreams a reality by learning how to manifest them. We’ll explore a multitude of techniques meant to help you manifest the life you deserve. We’ll also take time to understand what fears, thoughts and obstacles keep us from living our dreams and how we can release them.

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