Are You On The Verge Of Burnout?

Exhaustion, lack of motivation and overwhelming doubts are just a few symptoms of burnout.

So what is burnout? Burnout is the result of too much stress either from your job or a personal life situation. In the simplest of terms, burnout is absolute exhaustion, physical, mental and emotional.

It is a combination of symptoms that cause you to be much less effective at work, less happy at home, and if left unchecked could cause you health issues. Burnout can leave you anxious, depressed, unmotivated, and ineffective. The list of symptoms can be vague and sound like everyday life, but life isn’t supposed to feel like burnout.

Poor work-life balance, change in values, lack of control, or a dysfunctional work environment wearing on your peace of mind are all signs. At first glance, it may not seem like much. We’ve all muscled through hectic times, made it through, and not suffered any serious consequences.

Then, the symptoms hit. They creep in quietly and gradually the enjoyment drips from your job and personal life. Perhaps you feel a general air of negativity and apathy towards your everyday activities. But, soon you lose sight of your values and your ability to focus.

With burnout being something everybody would live better without, how do we prevent the mental turmoil and physical deterioration?

If you are beginning to experience any of the symptoms of burnout, consider reassessing your interests, skills, and passions. If you have good options, to move within your company or career path, these changes will be the easiest to make and cause the least amount of stress. Identify and manage your stressors as best as you can.

Another thing you can do to lessen the effects of burnout on your health and your life is keep your own attitude in check. Find gratitude and enjoyment in life. It could be your lunch break or the drive home. Just find something you can enjoy and look forward to. Making a conscious effort to change your attitude may be enough to keep you from burning out.

Reach out and gather support around you. Friends, family, co-workers, HR, and professional help can all help you through difficulties and decrease symptoms like depression that make the experience so much worse.

Lastly, take time for self-care. Taking time to relax, sleep, and exercise can be vital to curbing burnout before it starts. The recommended amount of sleep is 7-8 hours a night. Getting the right amount can nip exhaustion in the bud and help your concentration.

If you are feeling the effects of burnout, don’t wait. Be proactive and assess your needs.

5 Ways To Induce Natural Happiness

1. Exercise is Your Friend

The health benefits of exercise are far more superior than physical looks. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins, which boosts mood, productivity, and enhances wellbeing. In fact, exercise is a very important adjuvant in treating depression, and may in some cases be the primary management technique.

You’d be surprised at what implementing an exercise routine at least three times per week can do for your happiness.

2. Re-acquaint Yourself With Nature

When is the last time you spent real time in nature? Living in a concrete jungle, we spend less and less time camping, hiking or just going for walks. A light walk in nature is sure to give you a deeper appreciation of the beauty our world has to offer us.

Better yet, how about picking up gardening? Knowing that you nurtured something from a seedling and watched it grow everyday can bring you joy.

3. Go Out With Friends

Reconnect with friends you haven’t spoken to in week, months or even years. You’ll be amazed at how fast time flies when you’re out with loved-ones. The memories you form from your adventures will give you pleasure for a long time to come.

4. Practice Meditation

Meditation is no longer some obscure practice followed by just a few, but has spread to the mainstream population thanks to its proven benefits on health. Meditation can help you break negative habits by increasing your appreciation for other things in life. As mindfulness increases, you become in-tune with yourself, happier and thankful for everything life brings you.

5. Get A Pet

A pet can be a source for tons of happiness. Having a furry friend that loves you infinitely is a powerful motivator of happiness. Adopt a puppy or kitten, and you will have tons of fun and happiness for years to come.

So go out & live in the real world. There you’ll find inspiration and the true meaning of happiness.

Raising Your Energetic Vibration

Do you have a hard time keeping your mood and overall state of being happy and running at a high frequency? If so, I have 4 tips to help you raise your energetic vibration!

#1 Be Conscious of your thoughts

We are all prone to thinking negatively from time to time. The key to keeping your vibration high is catching these negative thoughts and replacing them with a positive statement.

#2 Practice gratitude

Remind yourself often of how blessed you are and be genuinely grateful for everything you have and all that you’ve accomplished. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great practice.

#3 Give Back

Giving back is a heartfelt act that makes us feel good. In addition to shifting your thoughts and actions to a more positive state, random acts of kindness also assists in raising our vibration.

#4 Laugh More

Doing things that raises your mood such as laughter is a great way to raise your vibration. Take time to watch a comedy or spend some time laughing with friends.

How to Connect with Your Angels!

We all have angels who protect and guide us, but often times people have a hard time connecting with them. Here’s how you can strengthen your relationship with your angelic team.

#1 Use Angel Cards

Pull an angel card everyday to receive messages from your heavenly messengers. This is a great way to begin developing a relationship and connecting with your personal army of angels.

#2 Ask for Signs

Don’t be afraid to ask for signs from your angels. They often give us signs of their presence before we even realize they are there. Pay attention to repetitive songs, numbers or even pennies and feathers. These are just a few ways they let us know they’re around.

#3 Meditation

Try to connect through meditation. Visualize yourself be surrounded by positivity and love. Allow your imagination to create images of angels in your mind and be open to whatever signs and messages you receive.

#4 Create a Sacred Space

You can create a special place in your mind or even a room in your home that acts as your sacred space. You can go there whenever you want to connect with the angels. Every time you visit this space, you are surrounding yourself with the energy of the angels, making it easier to connect with them.

4 Tips to Enhance Your Intuition

Our intuition is our most important guide. It’s our inner compass that tells us if we’re on the right path or not. We all have the ability to fine tune and enhance this gift. Here are 4 tips to help you increase your intuitive awareness.

#1 Listen to your body

Our body often let’s us know what is right or wrong & good or bad if we just take a moment to consult it. Think about a time when you’ve met someone and immediately the pit of your stomach was telling you to run to the nearest exit. Or maybe you can recall a time when you met someone and immediately felt a sense of calm and peace. These are all internal communications from your body that most times, we should follow.

#2 Get Creative

When we get into a creative space, we often allow our logical mind to take a backseat and our imagination to take flight. In turn, we release our inhibitions which allows for our intuition to be open and free.

#3 Stop Fighting Yourself

Don’t second guess yourself. We normally already have the answers we’re looking for, but our mind comes in and tries to dismiss what our heart, feelings and intuition are telling us. Try to go with your gut feeling even if your mind is trying to distract you.

#4 Practice Testing Yourself

Practice always makes perfect! You can test the current state of your intuition by doing simple exercises such as: trying to guess the color of the car behind you, or the name of the next person who will call or text you.

My Review of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Gaurdian Angel Tarot Cards


For those of you who may be newbies to Lotus and Strand, I am no stranger to oracle and tarot decks. Though I don’t use them regularly anymore, I used to use them all the time in my early sessions when I first started doing one-on-one consultations 9 years ago. Because I have a degree in graphic design and have spent most of my corporate days in the marketing, I have a strong affinity for art. I still find myself collecting decks even though they rarely get used in my intuitive sessions. Here’s my take on the Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Gaurdian Angel Tarot Cards.

Unboxing and Card Quality

Like many of Doreen’s decks, these cards have the gold rim which I always find stunning. The cards themselves are a pretty heavy paper weight and are likely to last for years to come. The accompanying booklet is a hefty 188 pages with enough information for the inquirer to get a general understanding of what each card means without being too overwhelmed.

The Art

These particular cards have more of a victorian theme like a few of Doreen’s other decks. I personally am not drawn to the victorian style imagery as much as some of the other art choices she uses in other decks. However, I do find the pastel color hues very calming and relaxing which I can only imagine was beautiful and purposeful marketing given the subject matter of this deck.

The Messages

The messages are very clearly written on the card. So much so that I’m not sure if the reader would ever need to consult the included booklet. Personally, I prefer less words on the cards to leave interpretation up to the intuitive. For those who are doing self readings, prefer more information on the card or like to consult the booklet, you will find that this deck does not disappoint. I do like that the messages are straight to the point. You will not have to guess what the card is implying or how it applies.

The Accuracy


I decided to pull 3 cards from the deck with no purpose in mind at all. I just wanted to see what came up for me. Since I wasn’t 100% connected to this particular deck to begin with, I wasn’t expecting much! To my surprise the 3 cards I chose were right on point. The first card was “Ten of Action” which is all about finding balance between career and personal life and taking care of yourself so that it does not affect your health. Well it just so happens that this weekend I was sick. Largely due to the fact that I overwork myself and had not spent time taking care of myself properly. Whenever I do that my body interferes and says “slow down lady. If you don’t, I’ll make you” and it did. lol

The second card I chose was “Organization”. This card suggests that the ideas that are brewing are correct, however in order to launch them successfully there has to be discipline and organization to balance out the creativity. Again, this reigned very true for me. Though, I generally find myself to be very disciplined externally, I do find it difficult to organize my thoughts and act on them one at a time. Many times I must remind myself to take my time to launch and master things one at a time.

The last card I chose was “Nine of Abundance”. A sign that all of the hard work will pay off and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Another true statement and also a reminder to me to stop and smell the roses.


In all I think this is a nice deck. I’m happy to add it to my collection. I am connected more to the messages themselves and found the cards to be incredibly accurate for this moment in my life. If you’re like myself and prefer to rely mostly on your own intuitive guidance then I’m not sure that this deck will be your first choice, however if you don’t mind the full description on the front of the card and you’re drawn to the victorian era, you will truly enjoy this addition to your collection.


5 Essential Oils to Break Your Holiday Stress!


The holidays are almost here. It’s that time where all year long we’ve been waiting to enjoy the magic of the season. Watching the children open their gifts, sharing laughter and a cup of cocoa with our family and singing all of our favorite childhood songs. I’m sure somewhere out there many of you enjoy this perfect holiday scenario.

The rest of us experience something a little more like this: Booking travel arrangements to see family for a trillion dollars, waiting until the last minute to get the last 5 gifts on our list, praying that our neighbor down the street can watch Rover while we’re away for 4 days, forgetting to pack little Johnny’s favorite blanket and dreading what’s about to happen once he realizes it, and so on and so forth.

Let’s face it, the holidays can be down right stressful. Below are 5 of my favorite essential oils to help you break through the holiday blues and realign your energy!

1.) Lavender

Lavender is one of the most common oils people choose to use to reduce stress and anxiety. It is believed to induce a feeling of peace and serenity and assist with issues related to insomnia, panic attacks and nervousness. I love to use lavender in a roll-on form on my wrists if I know I’m going to be entering into a stressful situation.

2.) Frankincense

Frankincense is another staple used by meditators to help calm the mind. It’s a great grounding oil and often times helps relieve depression. You can place a few drops of frankincense in water and a diffuser to help ground uncomfortable or negative energy in a room.

3.) Ylang-Ylang

Ylang-Ylang plays no games and can bust through those deep rooted emotions such as anger and fear. Usually one or two good whiffs of this and I’m on my way again!

4.) Rose

Rose oil is soothing and a little gentler. It’s connected to the heart chakra and can help bring feelings of joy and happiness to a room. On a personal level, it can also help assist with matters of the heart. Another great one to use if there are disagreements or chaos involving close friends and/or family this holiday.

5.) Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a great oil to balance and ground emotions. It helps smooth things out and get everything back on common ground.

My 3 Must Give Gifts This Holiday!

Every year I normally have a few staple gifts I like to give some of my like-minded friends and clients. My requirements are pretty simple. It must be something universal that most people will be able to utilize, easy to mail and of course, it can’t break the bank. I found a few new favorite things that I had to share with all my fellow last minute gift givers. 🙂

1.) Ceramic Tumbler

Can we say perfection? I found this AWESOME tumbler that cost me a whopping $12 at Charming Charlie. This will be the perfect gift with a Starbucks gift card or ground coffee for all my yogi friends!

2.) Lisse-Essential Oil Roll-Ons


I know it’s nearly 2017, but I still like to do some of my last minute holiday shopping on Ebay! This year, I found an essential oil distributor called Lisse Essentials. I’d never heard of them, but I purchased a few roll-ons to try out on myself fist. After being satisfied, I purchased a bulk amount to stuff in stockings and gift baskets for friends and family members. They range in price, but I paid about $6.00 per roll on. Here’s the link.

3.) White Sage Spray


Don’t get me started on a smudging tangent. This lady loves to sage! I also found these cute white sage mists on Ebay. I love to use clearing mists in between saging for maintenance and thought these would also be the perfect gift for some of my clients. These were about $8.00 once I added in the shipping cost. Here’s the link.

Hope these give you some ideas if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your like-minded loved ones. 🙂