Lotus and Strand was created in 2016 by spiritual practitioner Simone Jennings. Simone has worked in the holistic industry and has had her own practice for over 9 years. Throughout her many years of working with clients, she realized there was a true lack of integrated therapies. She was inspired to create a company that offered a full spectrum of services to assist her clients in balancing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Thus, Lotus and Strand was born!

With a mixture of non-denominational classes, retail products and services, Lotus and Strand is reaching it’s goal by catering to a wide range of clients from all walks of life.

Lotus: The lotus flower is a spiritual staple symbolizing purity, love, life, compassion, and new beginnings.

Strand (DNA Helix): Strand represents the DNA Helix that we all have. The individual footprint or the science behind what makes us who we are.

Simone Icon 2  Simone Jennings – CEO of Lotus and Strand