Raising Your Energetic Vibration

Do you have a hard time keeping your mood and overall state of being happy and running at a high frequency? If so, I have 4 tips to help you raise your energetic vibration!

#1 Be Conscious of your thoughts

We are all prone to thinking negatively from time to time. The key to keeping your vibration high is catching these negative thoughts and replacing them with a positive statement.

#2 Practice gratitude

Remind yourself often of how blessed you are and be genuinely grateful for everything you have and all that you’ve accomplished. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great practice.

#3 Give Back

Giving back is a heartfelt act that makes us feel good. In addition to shifting your thoughts and actions to a more positive state, random acts of kindness also assists in raising our vibration.

#4 Laugh More

Doing things that raises your mood such as laughter is a great way to raise your vibration. Take time to watch a comedy or spend some time laughing with friends.


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