How to Connect with Your Angels!

We all have angels who protect and guide us, but often times people have a hard time connecting with them. Here’s how you can strengthen your relationship with your angelic team.

#1 Use Angel Cards

Pull an angel card everyday to receive messages from your heavenly messengers. This is a great way to begin developing a relationship and connecting with your personal army of angels.

#2 Ask for Signs

Don’t be afraid to ask for signs from your angels. They often give us signs of their presence before we even realize they are there. Pay attention to repetitive songs, numbers or even pennies and feathers. These are just a few ways they let us know they’re around.

#3 Meditation

Try to connect through meditation. Visualize yourself be surrounded by positivity and love. Allow your imagination to create images of angels in your mind and be open to whatever signs and messages you receive.

#4 Create a Sacred Space

You can create a special place in your mind or even a room in your home that acts as your sacred space. You can go there whenever you want to connect with the angels. Every time you visit this space, you are surrounding yourself with the energy of the angels, making it easier to connect with them.

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