4 Tips to Enhance Your Intuition

Our intuition is our most important guide. It’s our inner compass that tells us if we’re on the right path or not. We all have the ability to fine tune and enhance this gift. Here are 4 tips to help you increase your intuitive awareness.

#1 Listen to your body

Our body often let’s us know what is right or wrong & good or bad if we just take a moment to consult it. Think about a time when you’ve met someone and immediately the pit of your stomach was telling you to run to the nearest exit. Or maybe you can recall a time when you met someone and immediately felt a sense of calm and peace. These are all internal communications from your body that most times, we should follow.

#2 Get Creative

When we get into a creative space, we often allow our logical mind to take a backseat and our imagination to take flight. In turn, we release our inhibitions which allows for our intuition to be open and free.

#3 Stop Fighting Yourself

Don’t second guess yourself. We normally already have the answers we’re looking for, but our mind comes in and tries to dismiss what our heart, feelings and intuition are telling us. Try to go with your gut feeling even if your mind is trying to distract you.

#4 Practice Testing Yourself

Practice always makes perfect! You can test the current state of your intuition by doing simple exercises such as: trying to guess the color of the car behind you, or the name of the next person who will call or text you.

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