My Review of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Gaurdian Angel Tarot Cards


For those of you who may be newbies to Lotus and Strand, I am no stranger to oracle and tarot decks. Though I don’t use them regularly anymore, I used to use them all the time in my early sessions when I first started doing one-on-one consultations 9 years ago. Because I have a degree in graphic design and have spent most of my corporate days in the marketing, I have a strong affinity for art. I still find myself collecting decks even though they rarely get used in my intuitive sessions. Here’s my take on the Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s Gaurdian Angel Tarot Cards.

Unboxing and Card Quality

Like many of Doreen’s decks, these cards have the gold rim which I always find stunning. The cards themselves are a pretty heavy paper weight and are likely to last for years to come. The accompanying booklet is a hefty 188 pages with enough information for the inquirer to get a general understanding of what each card means without being too overwhelmed.

The Art

These particular cards have more of a victorian theme like a few of Doreen’s other decks. I personally am not drawn to the victorian style imagery as much as some of the other art choices she uses in other decks. However, I do find the pastel color hues very calming and relaxing which I can only imagine was beautiful and purposeful marketing given the subject matter of this deck.

The Messages

The messages are very clearly written on the card. So much so that I’m not sure if the reader would ever need to consult the included booklet. Personally, I prefer less words on the cards to leave interpretation up to the intuitive. For those who are doing self readings, prefer more information on the card or like to consult the booklet, you will find that this deck does not disappoint. I do like that the messages are straight to the point. You will not have to guess what the card is implying or how it applies.

The Accuracy


I decided to pull 3 cards from the deck with no purpose in mind at all. I just wanted to see what came up for me. Since I wasn’t 100% connected to this particular deck to begin with, I wasn’t expecting much! To my surprise the 3 cards I chose were right on point. The first card was “Ten of Action” which is all about finding balance between career and personal life and taking care of yourself so that it does not affect your health. Well it just so happens that this weekend I was sick. Largely due to the fact that I overwork myself and had not spent time taking care of myself properly. Whenever I do that my body interferes and says “slow down lady. If you don’t, I’ll make you” and it did. lol

The second card I chose was “Organization”. This card suggests that the ideas that are brewing are correct, however in order to launch them successfully there has to be discipline and organization to balance out the creativity. Again, this reigned very true for me. Though, I generally find myself to be very disciplined externally, I do find it difficult to organize my thoughts and act on them one at a time. Many times I must remind myself to take my time to launch and master things one at a time.

The last card I chose was “Nine of Abundance”. A sign that all of the hard work will pay off and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Another true statement and also a reminder to me to stop and smell the roses.


In all I think this is a nice deck. I’m happy to add it to my collection. I am connected more to the messages themselves and found the cards to be incredibly accurate for this moment in my life. If you’re like myself and prefer to rely mostly on your own intuitive guidance then I’m not sure that this deck will be your first choice, however if you don’t mind the full description on the front of the card and you’re drawn to the victorian era, you will truly enjoy this addition to your collection.


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