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By utilizing science and spirituality, we’re able to provide a comprehensive holistic alternative to healing life’s toughest challenges and assist our clients on their individual life paths.

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At Lotus and Strand we are committed to providing individualized services and programs to help our clients reach their optimum health goals. We offer comprehensive astrology and numerology reports, chakra balancing and clearing services, chromotherapy, life coaching, life path consults, crystal light therapy and brainwave therapy…

And we’re only scratching the surface! We’re here to help you on your path to life long wellness!

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  • “She tested both of our energy centers individually and was able to thoroughly explain which chakras were strong, which one’s needed a boost and how these imbalances play a big part in our relationship struggles.”


  • “I was really pleased with the professionalism and care I was shown. Not only did my meditation classes help with my stress, Simone went above and beyond to make sure I had the right resources and tools to continue my meditation practice at home.”


  • “Lotus and Strands services have helped clients relieve stress, gain self-awareness and deal with sensitive life challenges. This coupled with a healthy physical routine can help you live your life to its full potential.”

    Dr. Patel